Chapter Patriots

The Clark County Chapter, NSDAR, members are descended from Patriots who fought for or aided in the cause of American independence in a variety of locations and various ways. The Patriots from which our members descend are listed below in alphabetical order with their NSDAR ancestor number. You can click on the ancestor number to be taken to the Patriot’s profile page on the NSDAR website.

A007458 – James Bates, Virginia

A018445 – Obed Calvert, Jr., Virginia

A202175 – Samuel Cobb, Virginia

A032984 – Alexander Doran, New Jersey

A041010 – Peter Fore, Virginia

A051455 – Daniel Hart, New Jersey

A051538 – John Hart, New Jersey

A051839 – Richard Harris, Virginia

A051971 – Thomas Harris, Virginia

A013792 – Henry Harshfield, Pennsylvania

A052514 – Joseph Haskins, Virginia

A056210 – Richard Hodges, South Carolina

A066206 – James Knapp, New York

A075691 – Daniel Maupin, Sr., Virginia

A077135 – Timothy Meeker, Sr., New Jersey

A095980 – Henry Rhodes, Pennsylvania

A104541 – John Sisson, New York

A106462 – Michael Smith, Maryland and Pennsylvania

A131876 – John Sturgeon, Pennsylvania

A122989 – Joshua Wayland, Virginia

A131848 – Joseph Yaden, Virginia